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亚博网页:共享经济的好处 The benefits of sharing

本文摘要:In some countries, Millennials almost take the “sharing economy” for granted.在一些国家中,“千禧一代”完全指出“共享经济”是一种理所当然的不存在。

In some countries, Millennials almost take the “sharing economy” for granted.在一些国家中,“千禧一代”完全指出“共享经济”是一种理所当然的不存在。It’s easy to pull up an app, push a few buttons, and have a taxi at your doorstep within minutes, or press a few laptop keys and find the best couch to crash on for a few days. It’s easy on the wallet and takes little time.关上一个应用于,页面几下按钮,几分钟后就不会有一辆出租车停车在家门口,一切就是这么非常简单。再行或者,敲打几下键盘,就可以寻找一个最篮的沙发,舒舒服服地躺在上几天。

而且,缴付非常简单,超级省时。However, this new economic model could serve to benefit more than the average smartphone-wielding consumer. A paper released earlier this year by New York University found that those with the most to gain are the low-income participants in this new economy.除了普通的智能手机消费者,这种新兴经济模式某种程度可以给其他人群带给益处。纽约大学在今年早些时候公布了一篇论文,该论文通过研究找到,在这种新兴经济模式下,获益仅次于的是低收入群体。“We highlight this finding because it speaks to what may eventually be the true promise of the sharing economy as a force that democratizes access to a higher standard of living,” the researchers wrote in the paper, which analyzed data from a car rental app.“我们特别强调这一研究结果,是因为它能证实共享经济最后能给我们的生活带给什么益处,这种经济模式作为一种手段,使普通大众也可以享用到较高的生活水平。

”研究者通过分析一个汽车出租软件的数据,在论文中写到。Two big names come to mind when thinking of the sharing economy: ridesharing company Uber and lodging rental company Airbnb. The latter allows people to rent out their homes as an alternative to hotels and motels. Renting out items is a way in which those with lower income can benefit from the sharing economy.一驳回共享经济,两大品牌的名字之后不会在人们脑海中显露:拼车公司Uber以及租房公司Airbnb。后者让人们把自己家里的房间租赁过来,作为替代酒店和汽车旅馆的一种自由选择。

那些低收入者需要从共享经济中利润的方式就是租赁物品。“Lower-income consumers also stand to gain the most from renting out their goods on these platforms,” Emily Badger wrote in The Washington Post. “The ability to make extra income off expensive items makes those items less expensive.”“低收入者也是通过在这些平台上租赁物品而利润最少的人,”,艾米丽拜为哲在《华盛顿邮报》上写到。“在共享经济的平台上,需要利用贵重的物品赚额外收益,而这一过程正好又减少了这些物品的价格。”For example, Badger notes, an extra $20 (about 124 yuan) here or there for a waitress renting out her car could serve to really boost a waitress’ income more than a lawyer’s.拜为哲认为,比如,与律师比起,一位服务员通过出租车辆赚的20美元(约合124元人民币),可以大大提高她的收益。

That said, in the real world, there’s yet to be strong evidence that large numbers of lower-income consumers are actually taking advantage of such services.话虽如此,在现实生活中,还没有力的证据需要证明,大量的低收入者显然可以利用这些服务利润。“Part of the barrier is logistical; you have to have a credit card and a smartphone to access many of these platforms today,” Badger writes. “But another piece may be cultural.”“部分障碍源自基本的服务确保;你必需有张信用卡和一个可以指定现今这些共享经济平台的智能手机,”拜为哲写到。“但是,还有一部分原因有可能是文化的障碍。”For individuals, the sharing economy is helping to save – or even create – money and time for consumers, and may even help those with less money the most. However, the new model is so new that it, along with the research and data to go with it, hasn’t fully caught on.对于个人来说,共享经济正在协助消费者节省——甚至建构——金钱和时间,对于那些低收入者或许协助仅次于。