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西班牙研发智能住宅 触屏墙壁能发微博:亚博网页界面登陆

本文摘要:For internet addicts, it could be the ultimate way to stay in touch – an entire apartment turned into a giant, online screen.对于“网虫族”而言,足不出户又能维持跟外界联系的最低境界就是住在一间极大的、由在线屏幕构成的智能住宅里。

For internet addicts, it could be the ultimate way to stay in touch – an entire apartment turned into a giant, online screen.对于“网虫族”而言,足不出户又能维持跟外界联系的最低境界就是住在一间极大的、由在线屏幕构成的智能住宅里。The walls show Facebook updates, and life-sized friends during video chats.房屋墙壁不仅能表明社交网络Facebook的动态内容,还能在跟朋友视频聊天时表明真人大小的投影。It can also be controlled from anywhere – even bed – using gestures or speech.该系统利用手势或语音掌控,随时随地都可展开操作者,甚至躺在床上也可以。The system works uses projectors and sensors already available.系统用于投影仪和传感器工作。

The hardware is complete but only 40 percent of the software is finished, said Ion Cuervas-Mons, director of Think Big Factory, a Spanish design agency which created the project.“野心工厂”的主管伊翁?库艾尔巴斯-蒙斯讲解说道:“该项目的硬件目前已基本已完成,但软件开发工作只已完成了40%。”智能住宅出自于这家西班牙的设计机构。Everything in the house can be used to communicate, the interface is ubiquitous.“屋内的任何物品都能用来交流对话,界面无处不在。

”Through projections that are activated by the presence of a person, we can control everything with the movement of the hands: the lights; turning on any electrical household appliances; music; even connecting to Skype for a conference from any part of the house.“屋里有人时会转录感应,我们可以以此利用双手已完成一切操作者,还包括电源电灯、关上家电、播出音乐等,甚至可以在屋内给定一处相连到Skype,开会网络视频会议。”The system aims to replace the current slew of keyboards and remote controls needed to interact with technology.该系统目的代替键盘和遥控器的大量用于,键盘和遥控器必须一定的技术手段才能用于。However, Mr Cuervas-Mons claims much of the technology will be invisible.不过库艾尔巴斯-蒙斯回应,大部分技术设备都会是隐形的。

I don’t think that an Openarch home is going to look any different, he said.他说道:“欧本雅奇智能住宅看上去跟普通住宅没什么两样。“New technologies must be non-intrusive and natural.“因为新技术都是大自然带入而非插手式的。”Mr Cuervas-Mons says the first inhabitant has already moved into the experimental apartment.库艾尔巴斯-蒙斯回应,目前第一位体验者早已住进“实验公寓”。

He is using some parts of the house, and we are learning from that.“他正在用于房屋的部分功能,我们于是以对他的用于状况展开研究。”The main interface is in the living room, where you can see social networks, magazines, and play music just using gestures, he said.他说道:“整个系统的主界面设于客厅,使用者可以在这里用手势操作者关上社交网站、网页杂志或播出音乐。”The prototype uses sensing cameras such as Microsofts Kinect to track users, allowing them to swipe in mid air to move through menus.系统原型利用了诸如微软公司的Kinect外设等传感摄像头来跟踪使用者,使得使用者需要在半空中滑动自由选择程序菜单。

The project started three years ago, and the prototype built in an apartment in the North of Spain, all using existing technology.项目始自三年前,住宅原型创建在西班牙北部的一套公寓里,全部用于有数技术。Now we have around 40% of the applications actually running – and we hope to finish soon, then begin developing products so people can actually begin using it.“目前实际运营的应用程序约有40%,我们期望能尽早已完成,然后开始投入产品生产,这样人们就能寄居进来了。