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韩公司研发智能应用 可与逝者合影互动|亚博网页

本文摘要:NEW technology has been unveiled in South Korea that lets you immortalise your deceased loved ones via your smartphone.近日,一家韩国公司发售了一款应用程序,能让消逝的亲友活在你的智能手机中。

NEW technology has been unveiled in South Korea that lets you immortalise your deceased loved ones via your smartphone.近日,一家韩国公司发售了一款应用程序,能让消逝的亲友活在你的智能手机中。The ‘With Me’ app allows users to “overcome their wounded heart” to take selfies and ‘chat’ with dead friends or family members using avatars.这款应用程序名为“With Me”,能让用户“走进悲伤”,通过虚拟化身与消逝的亲友自拍电影、“聊天”。The app, designed by ELROIS, combines 3D technology and artificial intelligence to recreate images and personalities of those who have passed on.该应用程序由ELROIS公司设计,融合了3D技术和人工智能技术,以再现逝者的形象和个性。

Its creators hope the unusual technology will help those grieving to cope better.设计者期望这种独有的技术能协助人们走进丧失女配角的悲伤。But the app is designed to begin working while the subject is still alive.不过,该应用于需在女配角之人尚能在人世之时就开始运行。

According to the firm, a 3D scan of the person would need to be taken, using a special booth, which uses between 72 and 112 cameras to create the avatar.据ELROIS公司讲解,首先需在一个装有72至112个摄像头的类似隔间里,对人物展开三维扫瞄,制作虚拟化身。Once complete, a reshaping and auto-rigging technical process begins for the avatar to ‘come to life’ using animation.然后展开三维动画制作,通过兼容与自动初始化等专业操作者让虚拟化身“重拾新生”。Users are then able to snap selfies with the digital creation, and even hold conversations with it, all thanks to artificial intelligence.接下来,用户就可以与虚拟化身自拍甚至对话,这都归功于人工智能技术。

According to an ELROIS spokesperson, the technology can also “track users’ face and body positions”.ELROIS公司的发言人说道,这款应用于还能“跟踪用户面部和身体部位的方位变化”。This would allow the avatar to interact with the user in a lifelike manner and respond to changes in their appearance or mannerism.这使虚拟化身需要像真人一样与用户对话,对他们外表或粗鲁的变化作出反应。The spokesperson added: “People do everything to remember some precious person to them, or will do anything to move on.发言人说道:“对于生命中类似的人,人们不会耗尽一切方法将其铭记,或是耗尽一切方法将其拿起。

“3D photo-realistic avatar is based on the actual person and it has some interaction with the users, so we think the avatars can be the new way to overcome their wounded-heart with a good function of new technology.”“三维虚拟化身极为细致,基于真人信息制作,能与用户展开一定程度的对话,我们指出它未来将会沦为疗治心伤的新方法,利用新技术协助用户走进悲伤。”The app can also be used to bridge gaps with the living, by enabling users to take pictures with relatives or friends who may be abroad, and can also let you take a snap with a favourite celebrity.该应用于还能加深生者之间的距离——它能协助用户与远在海外的亲友合影,或是与最喜欢的明星自拍电影。

The company said: “We are working on the development for making Avatar Cloud Service in the web and mobile to upload their avatars and buy celebrities avatar, clothes and other stuff related with avatars (We call it as VAW or vivid avatar world).ELROIS公司称之为:“我们正在著手研发网页和移动终端标准化的虚拟化身云服务,以供用户上载自己的虚拟化身,出售明星的虚拟化身、衣服等涉及产品(我们把它称为‘VAW’,即以假乱真的虚拟化身世界)。“Now it is still in the process and we have to contact with celebrities agent sooner to get their avatars.”“该服务还在开发阶段,我们必需尽快联系明星的经纪人,取得他们的虚拟化身。

”The VAW (Avatar Cloud Service) service is expected to launch at the end of this year.VAW(虚拟化身云服务)预计将于今年年底发售。