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亚博网页界面登陆:僧人也被抢饭碗 日本殡葬行业遭机器人入侵

本文摘要:There are industry gatherings for all sectors, and that includes the funeral sector.目前,各个领域全是产业链中心城市,在其中也还包含殡仪服务领域。

There are industry gatherings for all sectors, and that includes the funeral sector.目前,各个领域全是产业链中心城市,在其中也还包含殡仪服务领域。Its not an area where youd expect to find many tech products, but at the Tokyo International Funeral And Cemetery Show 2017, all eyes were on the latest breakthrough in Buddhist priests.这一行业给你很有可能想像接近有多少技术性商品,但在17年东京国际殡仪服务展览会上,全部的眼光都集中化于在佛教僧侣的最近提升上。

Hiring a human Buddhist priest for a funeral in Japan costs around $2,200. Thats very expensive, so plastic molding company Nissei Eco Co. had an idea: create a robotic Buddhist priest and undercut the real thing on price.在日本聘请一位佛教僧侣的花费大概为2200美金,它是十分划算的。因此 注塑模具企业日精环境保护有限责任公司想起了一个好方法:发明人机器人佛教僧侣,并在价钱上高过真人版。

And rather than starting from scratch, Nissei instead modified an existing robot in the form of SoftBanks Pepper robot.但是这款机器人并并不是新的产品研发,只是在目前的软银投资机器人“胡椒”的身上进行了适度的修改。As Hannah Gould, a researcher at the Japan Foundation, points out in the video, Japan and technology have been evolving at the same time so a robot priest wont seem too weird.如同日本慈善基金会的研究者汉娜·古尔德在视頻中上述,日本和高新科技另外在发展趋势,因而机器人僧侣也许会越来越过度过极具特色。All Nissei had to do to modify the Pepper robot was write some software allowing it to tap the drums while it chanted.日精环境保护有限责任公司要保证的修改,仅仅为“胡椒”加到一些程序流程,使它必须一旁敲击钹一旁诵经。

The cost of this Buddhist Pepper robot is going to be around $450 per funeral, so just a quarter of the real priest price.据报,这款佛教“胡椒”机器人的登场价钱是每一次丧礼450美元,仅仅真人版僧侣价钱的四分之一。